December 27, 2009

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erw tubes, erw steel tubes, pre galvanized steel tubes, steel tubing , steel pipes

November 22, 2009

erw tubes, erw steel tubes, pre galvanized steel tubes, steel tubing , steel pipes.


November 19, 2009

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erw tubing , erw tubes , erw pipes from jsk steels

November 18, 2009

We are a leading manufacturer of Electric Resistance Welded (E.R.W.) steel Tubes is used for various Applications. All our products are registered and assure consistent quality in its application. They are equally good in hot or wet applications such as river crossings and rough terrain. Our Erw Tubes are suitable for use in conveying gas, water and oil in both the oil and natural gas industries.
ERW Tubes are also extensively used in agriculture, industry and construction activities like scaffolding and casing in bore wells. They are used for conveying water, gas, crude oil and chemicals at various pressures and densities over long distances. Considering the challenging and varied applications, the pipes are produced to meet very high standards of specifications both national and international.

The ERW TUBES plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machines-slitting lines, pipe mills, threading machines, finishing machines and fool proof high pressure hydro testing machines. The plant also has sufficient handling facilities both EOT and mobile cranes supported by pipe conveyer systems.
The factory has its 100% power generation arrangement to guard against production loss in the event of power failure from electricity board.
Quality assurance begins at the selection of raw material itself and continues right through all the manufacturing operations till the materials are packed for dispatch.
The quality assurance department is fully backed by a modern laboratory for various metallurgical & chemical tests and a test house for testing physical properties. It has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate.
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Steel Pipes

September 22, 2009

Now days every one is looking for cost effective version of Steel pipes & tubes due to price hike in metals.Even every  one is also looking for the accurate product for their Application or requirement. The development of Pre Galvanized steel tubes or  Pre Galvanized steel pipes is going to be preferred choice of all these concernes.Pre galvanized steel tubes now popularly known as Fence Tubes / Sendzimir Tubes / pipe Fencing / Fence Pipes / are manufactured by high frequency electric resistance welding method, after removing the outside welding beam then electric painting zinc onto the welding area to antisepticise the surface.

As the name of the pipe clearly indicates that this kind of steel pipes & tubes are galvanized before hand, in the shape of Coils and then the round shapes are being given at the Tube Mill. One more reason behind the popularity of this new version of steel tubes or Steel pipes known as Pre-Galvanized / Fence / Sendzimir Tubes is the non- standard thickness in galvanized form of Steel tubes & steel pipes.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company; JSK is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality steel Pipes, fence pipes, Sendzimir Tubes and precision steel tubes. JSK is a government recognized export house and a member of Chandigarh Chamber of Industry. In addition to this, JSK is an active member of apex industries’ bodies including (FICCI) / (FIEO) / (EEPC). Over the years, we have gained expertise to meet the varying requirements of different industries Like Automobile / White Goods / Electrical Panels / Furniture / Transformers / Oil Barrels / Drums / Boilers Ratings / Bicycles / General Engineering / Structural Engineering across the globe.

Quality is a tradition at JSK. Obtaining ISO 9001:2000 within two years of inception testifies the company’s seriousness towards quality. Each product is tested individually prior to delivery to ensure all prescribed standards requisite for the delivery. To ensure the same, following battery of testing is conducted like ;Chemical Analysis, Tensile strength ,Cupping Value ,Hardness Test     Carbon Test ,Micro Structure Examination ,Weld ability Test (Flattening, Flaring and Bending) etc.

We source raw materials from our own Cold Rolled Mills – hence there is no scarcity of raw material at any point of time. At any point, we have ready stocks of materials that are available in multiple grades. The available grades are O, D.DD, EDD, HRPO, Skin Passed etc.

Products Portfolio

The company offers a vast range of Steel Pipes & tubes. The range includes

Steel Pipes , Steel Tubes, Hollow sections, Round Cold Rolled Tubes ,Square Cold Rolled Tubes,Rectangular Cold Rolled Tubes,Cold Rolled hollow section ,Oval Flat Cold Rolled Tubes,Automotive Cold Rolled Tubes,pipes for  Bicycle & Motorcycle, Cold Rolled Tubes for Fitness Industry, Cold Rolled Tubes for Cleaning Products, Semi Oval Cold Rolled Tubes,Tubes for Heating & Design Radiators, Externally Drawn Round Tubes for Light Fittings, Furniture Grade Cold Rolled Tube, Round Hot Rolled Tubes ,carbon steel tubes , alloy steels tubes,duplex steel tubes ,stainless steel tubes,Square Hot Rolled Tubes ,Square steel tubes ,Square hollow section,Rectangular Hot Rolled tubes ,Elliptical Hot Rolled Tubes,Triangular Hot Rolled Tubes,Pilling Tubes,Industrial steel pipes & tubes,Scaffolding Hot Rolled Tubes, Propping Hot Rolled Tubes,Welded Tubes ,Structural steel Tubes, Heavy Wall Cold Rolled Tubes,Structural Welded,Fence Tubes,Pickled Cold Rolled Tubes.

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September 22, 2009

Pre Galvanized steel tubes

Pre Galvanized steel tubes are popularly known as Pre Galvanized steel tubing, Pre Galvanized tubing, Fence Tubes, Fence Tubing, Sendzimir Tubes, Sendzimir Pipes, etc. It has been one of the most and versatile fencing systems used by architects, engineers to design a variety of shelters, lighting standards and decorative sculptures for street-scapes, parks, bus and light rail stops, shopping centers etc. The fencing system is extremely easy to install because it simply clamps to pipes driven into the ground & it lasts for years.

Fence tubes are also used for interior purposes, such as shiny balustrade or railing that supports the staircase, pool ladder etc. Steel fence is designed with clean lines, structural integrity and ease of installation. These fences are available in variety of heights and widths in multiple configurations. Our fencing tubes are characterized by rugged strength, current technology, attractive design and ergonomic functions. Manufactured using standard procedures, these fences have smooth, shiny appearance that is unmatched in terms of strength and durability.

Our Fence tubes, pre galvanized pipes are the industry standard for fence framework. These tubes are

add a dimension of order and beauty to the premises, in addition to effectively deterring unwanted intrusion as well. We also specialize in customizing fence tubes based on the specific requirements of the clients.